Art, Illustration, Animation, Music: Don’t Make Me Choose Just One

Some great stuff is coming down the pipeline here at Mysterylab Media Studios.

I’m on the home stretch of creating a 4 1/2 minute animated art video for Catwalk, a song by Santa Cruz-based freak-folk singer-songwriter, Rin Eric. I don’t see how Rin could miss with this one; all the available stats indicate that cat-themed videos are consistently among the most viewed on YouTube.  The narrative documents the moonlit escapades of an unusually friendly yet oddball feline as he approaches and interacts with two bandmates who are discussing the direction of their respective musical destinies on a nighttime walk.  The video I’m creating owes a debt of gratitude to the sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night, but with a slippery fluidity and vividness to the movement of the paintstrokes.  Look for that in about four more weeks.

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