S.C. County Open Studios

This weekend we greeted hundreds, maybe thousands, of visitors who came out to check out S.C. County Open Studios — 17th Ave style.  Thanks to all who braved the heat.

The Zirndorf Armillary
The Zirndorf Armillary

I showed some new works that explore some materials I’ve not used before, and I confess I’ve gone a bit mad with two different types of acrylic crackle medium.  The time gap between applying the medium and seeing how it cracks after it dries is probably a bit like taking your hands off the joystick for a few moments while you’re flying a plane.  The control freak in me screams no, but when the wonders of modern polymer chemistry briefly take charge of your work, a bit of magic unfolds.

Still Life With Gramophone and Hercules Beetle
Still Life With Gramophone and Hercules Beetle


Stand by for more images from the show…

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